At this site you can join our fee-free* lottery syndicate which plays Australia’s and games. The syndicate runs as follows: The syndicate leader chooses which games to play and when. Generally speaking, the syndicate leader waits until a huge jackpot appears in one of the Australian lotteries then emails all members and asks who wants to participate. The members reply with how much they want to contribute, and make bank transfers or use their credits from a previous win. The numbers we’ve bought are emailed to everyone before the draw. The results are emailed to everyone after the draw. If you have an Australian bank account, you can join our syndicate. Payments must be made by direct deposit or transfer. For security reasons, payment methods such as credit cards, cheques, etc. are not accepted. Our entries are always made in multiples of $1000, therefore you need to be willing to wager at least $1000 to join our syndicate. This is for serious players only! We play big to win big! If you’re interested, please visit our contact page.

Why Australian Lotteries?

(1) I’m Australian, so Australia’s lotteries are the ones I understand. (2) Australian lottery winnings are tax-free, so an advertised prize of $50 Million in an Australian lottery means that the winners actually get the full $50 Million! There’s no Australian tax to pay! Lotteries in some other countries advertise huge jackpots but when you win, you immediately lose around 50% of the prize in tax! America is a good example. (3) Australian lottery winnings are paid in one lump sum. Some countries force you to take big wins as a 30 year annuity! Australia is not like that. If you win $50 Million, the lottery operator hands you a cheque for $50 Million! (4) Australian lotteries are among the fairest in the world. The cut taken by the lottery operator is small compared to the lotteries of most other countries.

* Most syndicates charge you more for the tickets than what they pay for them, thus they make a profit out of you! Our syndicate is different because it’s fee-free, i.e. we don’t charge any fees! All we do is pool the money together and buy the tickets. We’re doing this for free so that we can all win big and retire! Powerball is around $1.200 per game. Oz Lotto is around $1.30 per game. Compare that to what other websites charge! Join with us and enjoy the all benefits our syndicate can bring!
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